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Area Rug Placement Pointers

Whether you are a renter or in the process of purchasing your very first home, at some point you might want to start thinking about the floors. The kind of flooring your new home has matters, especially when it comes time to furnish it. You’ll need area rugs Atlanta GA. Here are a few suggestions on rug placement.


No matter what room you plan to start with, you need to think about the size of your rugs. When choosing a size, think about if you want your furniture on top of it. The rug you choose should be large enough for all of your furniture to sit on. If space is an issue, a smaller rug that is big enough to accommodate half of your large furniture items is more suitable.

Furniture Dimensions

You might not realize it, but the size of your furniture has an impact on rug selection. The room’s dimensions dictate the shape, color and size of area rugs you can use to spruce up your home’s décor.


Rugs can help bring new life to your living space. The right colors can help accentuate the décor and affect your moods in a positive manner. Where you place your rugs matters too. To give your rooms a connected feeling, place furniture partially or completely on top. Use the rugs as decorative borders. Learn about optimal rug placement strategies to find the right layout for you.


You can use area rugs anywhere you do not have carpet. They can even be used on top of carpet. They are easy to use, move around and are available in many colors and designs. Place them in areas around the home where your feet are the least comfortable.

When you shop for rugs, don’t forget to think about placement. Knowing where and how you want your rugs to adorn your home can save you time, money and headaches later on.