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Are you buying a new home? Why termite inspections become so significant?

A heartiest congratulation if you are in the process of purchasing a new home. Either you are merely relocating to a new home or buying your first dream home, discovering any kind of structural damage because of termites and pests is disappointing. Therefore, it becomes exemplary that you must perform a termite inspection before shifting.

How termites cause damage?

You can’t believe that termites are the reason behind millions of property damage every year. That’s why; they are called as ‘silent destroyers’ due to their ability to chew wood and flooring of your home. There are several colonies that live together and responsible for causing lots of damage.

Planning a termite inspection before shifting

The damage repair usually costs a lot based on how much wood is damaged, how long the colony is going to exist, and where the termites have caused the damage. You must be surprised to know that the repair of home generally costs higher than the original building costs. Hence, a regular termite inspection is required to prevent your new home.

Note that a termite inspection done by pest Control Company in Sydney Australia is quite different from a standard home inspection. This is so because the professionals check the complete physical structure starting from the rook to the foundation of a home. They will look out for the possible signs of damage such as swollen floors, ceilings, buckling wood, and water damage as well. After the completion of the inspection, the specialists submit their report along with complete cost estimation.

How to keep termites at bay?

There are specific steps by which it is possible to avoid termite infestation and accepted by the professionals as well.

  • Always keep your home dry by repairing leakage areas. Check out the basements and crawl spaces should be adequately ventilated.
  • Directing your water away from home. Make sure that the gutters and splash shouldn’t be blocked and sending the water away from the house.
  • Store the woods at a dry place or firewood for at least 20 feet away from home.

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