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Appropriate Ways to Dispose an Old Mattress

Bought a new mattress? Mattress, you use is causing discomfort? Got infested with pests? Doesn’t fit your bed?  It is time to say goodbye to your old mattress!

You certainly do not want to be the one simply disposing off your mattress. Almost 20 million mattresses that are disposed of; end up at landfills each year and since they are non-biodegradable, they often take 50-100 years to get decomposed.  

The best alternatives are either donating or recycling. However, these are not necessarily as simple as they sound.  Some charities deny mattresses as donation since there is a risk of pests. On the other hand, recycling programs available today are minimum due to decreased profits in recycling.

If you are stuck wondering, how do you dispose of your mattress appropriately; you are at the right place! 

Let us talk about a few ways to dispose your mattress! 

A] Free mattress recycling programs

Several states today have mattress recycling programs; which are also free. You can surf the internet and try to find one and participate in it! 

Some cities also have recycling centres; you can approach these and drop off your mattress or any other waste too! 

B] Local charities and shelters 

Although some charities and shelters deny used mattresses, some don’t! You can always donate your mattress if it’s in a good condition to charities and shelters and contribute to societal good.

Recyc-Matelas mattress disposal also covers a mattress donation program run in coordination with community organizations and social workers. Through this; they allocate the mattresses in good condition to the needy. 

You’ll attain immense satisfaction from taking a step to help the needy in addition to saving the environment. 

C] Area business 

Many businesses like residential facilities, hostels, hotels, hospitals make use of second-hand furniture. If your mattress has been gently used and is in a usable condition, you could call up the business in your area and enquire if they would like to have the mattress. You can charge a small amount for the same or give it away for free as per your convenience. 

If neither of the above can be done; you can always take the mattress apart by yourself. You can disassemble and use the foam or steel for making DIY products of your own. It is a good idea to refer to the internet to figure out how exactly the process is carried out.