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A guide to choosing the right carpet colour for your room.

When decorating a house, colours play a crucial part. Colours evoke emotions and make the world meaningful. Colours transpire our thoughts and sentiments and help us engage with our surroundings. Whether you want a mid-century home decor, a contemporary one or want to go the boho way, the colour of your home decor plays an integral part. 

If you are looking forward to buying a carpet for your room, it is best to settle for neutral tones. Grey carpets should be your ideal choice because this is a popular pale colour, which signifies a lot of emotions and is also minimal at the same time. If you want the best reason why you must settle down for grey carpets, it’s because many art and design lovers across the world prefer this colour, given how soothing it is for the eyes.

However, if you are still not convinced why you must get grey carpets for your house, we have plenty of reasons that might convince you to buy one. 

  • Adds to the earthy elements in the house: Associated with nature and warmth, grey carpets will add to the earthy elements in your house. They will bring a balance to your home decor because they give out the neutral tones.
  • They blend with all home decor: If you’re unable to settle on the carpet colour because of your colourful home decor, settle on grey carpets because they blend with all home decor.
  • They make things look bigger: Grey makes things appear bigger. If you want to make your bedroom or living room seem bigger, opt for a grey carpet.
  • Can hide pet hair: If you have pets in the house, a grey carpet will make it easier for you to hide their hair. 

Also, let’s not forget how grey carpets are easy to wash and maintain.

Before you buy a carpet for your house, there are certain things to consider before deciding on the colour.

  • Your lifestyle: If you have kids or pets or have a party-kind of a lifestyle, you may want to avoid investing in lighter carpet colours because they are difficult to clean, especially if they often get stained. Opt for dark or neutral colours such as grey, which come with an easy maintenance. 
  • Remove your least favourite options: If there are certain colours you don’t like, simply remove them from your list. Be honest with yourself when choosing a colour for your carpet rather than wasting your time considering the colours you don’t like, which will likely upset you in the long run. 
  • Consider your wall colours: Consider your wall colours and their colour tone before choosing the carpet colour because you don’t want your walls and flooring to be of a mismatched combination. This way, you can narrow down to fewer colour options, making your task simpler. 
  • Try out a few samples: If you still remain undecided, order a few samples of carpets in different colours and live with them until you can decide which colour suits you the best.

Choosing a carpet can be tricky, which is why you need to explore all the options before finalising your purchase. Give your home a rich, modern vibe with a solid or patterned carpet of your choice.