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6 Unusual Living Room Ideas to Consider

When it comes to living room ideas, most house interior and inspiration sites give you the same tips. How to match your curtains. How to pick colours. How to buy furniture that fits your home? You probably are aware of such tips already. Below are 6 tips that will allow you to create a truly unique living room.

  1. Surprise your guests with arrangements on your coffee table

Forget the books and vase on your coffee table. Why not show off something else? Your coin collection maybe. Your teapot collection? Why not? Think out of the box. Put out something that you love on your coffee table and make it a curio item that everybody can talk about. Trust us when we say that it is a great conversational piece as well, besides looking creative. 

  1. Dashes of colour

The brilliant thing about colour is that you just need a dash of it to make a statement. The more neutral or plain your home is, the less you need to make a statement. For example, a house that is mostly white or using pastel shades will look striking with colours like marigold, orange or bright colours of red or green. Remember, the key is to keep it to a dash of colour. Like a throw pillow or a small painting.

  1. Leather on your walls!

Yes, wall upholstery is a thing! Check out this site for upholstered walls in the UK. They have many premade designs that you can just buy and put up on your walls. When chosen wisely, they can look stunning, unique and very sophisticated. 

  1. Let a light really shine

A statement lighting piece can make an ordinary room extraordinary. It’s also a great way to jazz up a home without spending on a lot of other aspects like furniture, wall decor and other embellishments like curio items. 

  1. Swivel chairs!

Throw in a swivel tub chair in your living room and see how guests find their inner child again. These chairs can rotate a full 360 and are fun to sit on. They are of course very functional as well. One can easily turn and fully face whoever they are talking to and then spin back to watch the television or join the rest of the conversation afterwards. Kids love these chairs. So, if you have munchkins in your home, swivel chairs are an amazing purchase. 

  1. Think for yourself

We always tend to look for inspiration on other sites and from other people. But, what about your creative mind. You will be surprised at what ideas you can come up with for your living room, if you just put your mind to it. Walk around your living room and look at it from different angles and just think what you could do to make it look a way that will excite and please you. You will surely come up with great ideas!