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5 Reasons to get a customized granny flat

The construction of granny flats has been widely accepted in the present time. People are choosing to get a granny flat for many reasons. These flats are great options to give a comfortable living to the elderly family members. These are often useful for the members of the family who would need mild assistance and monitoring. The custom granny flats at Hoek Modular Homes give a chance to such people to stay close to their families yet being independent. This gives then privacy, safety, more warmth than an assisted living facility would provide. The granny flats are also easy and good alternatives for the people who like to expand their business spaces and want more room on their premises. While looking to get a granny flat, most people look for a customized granny flat for the many advantages it provides.

  • Design and layout

Granny flats that are prefabricated are generally built with a similar design. However, customized granny flats give you an option to get a flat that is built completely with your preferences and specifications. This sometimes costs more and needs experts to setup. You can hire a team of experts who will work with you and make sure to deliver exactly what you want. You can have a bathroom with wider doors, an open layout for kitchen and living areas, special arrangements for wheelchair movements, etc. You can also customize the plumbing and electrical wiring. You can arrange the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen area so that the plumbing cost is reduced. Customized granny flats give you full freedom on design and layout.

  • Many adaptable living solutions

Most of the time granny flats are constructed for elderly people or unwell family members. It is generally known that the health and condition of these people are very likely to change or get worse. This makes it necessary to have adaptability in the granny flat. Customized granny flats allow you to add, remove, or change the settings easily. For instance, you can get a backslide door that can be easily changed to ensure that it is not loose.

  • You can choose the size

Granny flats are often used by kids, elders, or for office extensions. All the applications would need different sizes of the flat. A customized granny flat allows you to choose how big or small your flat should be. It saves a considerable amount and also ensures the most comfortable design can be accommodated. You can choose the best size by considering the space, furniture, and other things to be kept in the flat.

  • You can choose the wall paint and colors

If you opt for a customized granny flat, you can choose the paint and color of your choice. You can choose for the safer environment-friendly paints or the once which suits your budget. You can also select the colors that are soothing and reflect the interest of the person going to live there. This brings a lot of positivity and personalization to space.

  • Multiple safety integrations are possible

Safety is the biggest reason that people top for granny flats and is the most important consideration while getting one. Every individual would have different safety needs. You can get the needs incorporated in the customized flats. You can add security cameras, safety bars, ramps, floor lights, etc at the desired location.