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4 Common Water Well Problems

Buying a home with a water well can leave a new homeowner wondering what to expect. Here are four of the most common problems you may experience.

No Water

The last thing you want to do is turn on the faucet and nothing comes out. Sometimes this occurs because the water level drops lower than the pump often due to drought conditions. You can fix this by lowering the pump further down which requires additional piping. Another reason could be a tripped circuit breaker that cuts the power to the pump. You can easily check the breaker panel to see if a trip occurred. Resetting this should fix the issue. If not, you can contact well pump services Neptune Beach for help.

High Bills

A water well saves you money on municipal water, but it does require electricity to run. If all of a sudden your utility bill runs sky high, your pump might be running nonstop. A malfunctioning pump, poor pressure switch placement or low water can cause the pump to continue running. Of course, there could be other reasons outside of the water pump.

Replacement Pump

Like anything, at some point, you may need to replace the well pump. Unfortunately, knowing which pump to buy is not easy. You need to determine the size suitable for your household usage. Not only those in the house but also lawn maintenance, agricultural use, pool, hot tub or other water usages. The more items that need water, the larger capacity pump you need.

Foul Water

Water should come out of the faucet clean with no odors. Sometimes, a funny smell or bad taste is evident in the water. Typically, these are not dangerous but do signal an issue somewhere between the well and the house. Something might have washed into the well such as dirt after a heavy rain. Another common culprit is corroded pipes. With an experienced professional, you can easily discover the problem and fix it.