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3 Simple Ways to Keep Your HVAC System Running Efficiently

The warm summer months are upon us, and nothing is worse than a malfunctioning HVAC unit during the hottest time of the year and you need a trane dealer new orleans la. Here are 3 things that you can do to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and to ensure that it does not fail you when you need it most.

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Change Your Air Filters Regularly

It is recommended that you change your air filters once a month to ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly. An easy way to remember to do this is to set a monthly reminder on your phone that will alert you when the task needs to be done. Dirty air filters are bad for your health and can affect the efficiency of your system, so it is important to replace them regularly.

Get Regular Service and Maintenance

It is also important to have professionals come out and service your HVAC at least once every year to ensure that it is in good shape. An HVAC service Chicago can perform routine maintenance and check to make sure that everything is running properly so you can avoid any unplanned breakdowns in the summer heat. Be proactive instead of reactive and schedule your service early!

Inspect Your System Occasionally

Even if you aren’t well-versed in HVAC maintenance, it is easy to inspect your system yourself for glaring issues, such as a full water pan or dust and debris built up on the coils. If you notice that something looks a bit off, it may be time to bring in the professionals to take a look just in case what you have noticed is a real problem.

Keeping up on your HVAC maintenance is imperative if you want your system to have a long, efficient life. Do these few simple things and you will stay cool through the summer and warm in the winter!

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